How to Write a Review

Write A Review

Writing E-Cig and Vape reviews is easy. Every review that is added to the site will help fellow Vapes both new and experienced. This is a way to give back and help people find new products to try and search for reputable Vape Shops or Sites.

How to Write a Review:

Step 1: Search For a Product, Shop or Site

You can use the search box below, the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page or simply browse through the categories listed above until something catches your eye that you would like to review. If the product you would like to review is not listed on the site, you may use the Add Product button at the top of the page or click HERE and we will add it to the site for you to review.

Step 2: Choose Your Product, Shop or Site to Review

Once you see an item you would like to review, click on it and you will be taken to the Item Description page where you can learn more about the Vape Product, Shop or Site. Scroll down further and you will see previous reviews from other users for the item you are viewing.

Step 3: Write Your Review

Toward the bottom of the Item Description page, there is a section titled “Write Your Review.” This is where you write your review and choose your “Star Rating” for the item you selected. You may also attach a photo with your review by clicking the “Choose File” button. Once you have written your review, simply click with “Submit” button and your review will be added to the site.

Review Tips:

Be honest and truthful about the product you are reviewing. Do not feel obligated to write a positive review just because a company gifted you a product. This does not help the vape community.

Always make sure to choose a “Star Rating” when you add your review. This is a key feature used to rank products and lets people know your overall opinion at a quick glance.

Be as detailed as you can about why you chose your rating and also list both the Pros and Cons for the product or service.

If you are writing a “Negative Review” please list why you chose your low rating and be as detailed as possible. Reviews that only say very generic statements such as “This product sucks”, “Worst Store in Existence” or “Hate It” will not be approved. Your review must contain at least some information and be helpful to others. This also goes for writing positive reviews.

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